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  • In 2019 an European multi-center delayed-start phase II and phase II/III will be submitted (Q2) and ready to start in 2020 (Q1). For the Phase II part Neuroplast is performing the study in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Toledo (Spain). The coordinating Principle Investigator is Prof. dr. Fin Biering-Soerensen, an international expert in the field of Spinal cord injury diagnostics and rehabilitation. For the part III part Neuroplast is looking for another two additional European Centers of Excellence regarding Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation in Europe, preferably in Germany and the Netherlands. Additional Neuroplast is preparing a Phase I study in Spain with the product Neuro-Cells in chronic patients with a spinal cord injury. This study is defined to gather exploratory information about the effects of Neuro-Cells in chronic spinal cord injury patients (Human proof of principle).


  • In 2020 (Q4) we are going to submit a delayed-start mono-center phase II study in ALS. In 2020 Neuroplast is planning to start a company in the US to develop Neuro-Cells FDA complaint for the US market.