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Stem cell

A B O U T  U S

Neuroplast is a clinical stage biotech that develops the stem cell product Neuro-Cells®, a first-in-kind treatment to combat neurodegenerative diseases, for which no effective treatment exists today.

Neurodegenerative diseases will impact 115 million people worldwide by 2050. Spinal cord injury, ALS and dementia are just some examples of such diseases, caused by trauma, infection, genetic deformities or ageing. 


While the conditions seem diverse, they share a common degenerative pathway at cellular level. The living stem cell therapy Neuro-Cells® targets exactly this common pathway.


Neuroplast holds two European Orphan Disease Designations for spinal cord injury and frontotemporal dementia. With increasing evidence for broader applications. Neuro-Cells® addresses a multi-billion market and offers treatment perspective for millions of people for whom no treatment exists today.

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