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Neuro-regenerative personalized medicine is one of the most promising therapies, which needs dedicated uniform standards and regulations. Clinical research and protocols, good manufacturing processing and outcomes-based efficacy are some of the categories that place Neuroplast B.V. in a unique worldwide State-of-the-Art position.


Neuroplast B.V., is a Dutch medical biotechnology company specialized in regenerative medicine, focused on bringing high qualified autologous stem cell products to the global market environment addressing short track programs (from bench to bedside). 


Neuroplast’s headquarters is embedded in the Science Society of the Brightlands Health Campus Maastricht in the direct vicinity of the University Medical Center Maastricht (MUMC) and the European School of Neuroscience (EURON). 

Neuroplast owns a dedicated, specialized GMP stem cell manufacturing laboratory in Geleen, incorporated in the DSM biomedical industrial society. 


Neuroplast’s starting point is to develop therapeutic strategies, which slow down or stop inflammatory and/or apoptopic processes, an unmet need in acute and chronic idiopathic, traumatic and/ or ischemic neurodegenerative disorders. Neuroplast developed a dedicated stem cell interventional manufacturing unit, meeting all regulatory requirements (EMA and FDA) for the production of low-immunogenic stem cell preparations (f.e. Neuro-Cells). 


Neuro-Cells is classified as an ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product) tissue engineered product by the European Medicine Agency (EMA). Neuro-Cells is produced under the new ATMP GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines (2017).