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We are a young, growing and ambitious team of international experts in transformative stem cell technology, looking to make real impact on patients' lives.

  • Ekkehard Lang, PhD
    Qualified Person

  • Johannes de Munter, MD, PhD
    Chief Executive Officer

S U P E R V I S O R Y   B O A R D

  • Prof. Frank Luyten, MD, PhD
    Medical Scientific Director REGMEDXB
    Co-founder of TiGenix

  • Wim Brouwer
    Director Lumana Invest

  • Pieter de Geus, PhD (Chairman)
    Managing Director of Sanquin

  • Marcel Kloosterman
    Director Brightlands Venture


  • Prof. Marianne van der Steen, PhD
    Co-founder of REGMED XB
    Professor of Entrepreneurship in
    healthcare at Maastricht University

K E Y  P E R S O N S

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